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Riding is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. 
And a lifestyle that we believe no rider should be denied.

Spada’s story began over 30 years ago, right in the heart 
of the Midlands. Our founder, Tony, who at that point had worked in the motorcycle industry for 20 years, realised that consumers were becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of choice in the market. They longed for gear that not only looked good but could also handle the British rain and wind, and most importantly was readily accessible for all riders, from seasoned veterans to newcomers.

 Having worked with some of the best motorcycle clothing brands around, he knew a thing or two about motorbike gear. With his Italian roots, style was in his blood... and so Spada was born.

 Our very first Spada products were lined and unlined waterproofs designed to be affordable for all. Today, under the leadership of his daughter, Anna, we celebrate the spirit of every rider; protecting you on the road with our range of iconic ride-and-wear gear.

 Welcome to our tribe.