Naomi Armstrong

Jan 15, 2023

Unveiling the Science Behind Spada's TetraHex™ Motorcycle Armour

During the development of our 2024 motorbike clothing range, we rigorously tried numerous armours from well-known and established manufacturers, although popular with other motorcycle clothing brands none of them were meeting our brief. We aimed to offer CE level 2 armour across the entire range, irrespective of the garment’s safety rating - whether it's level A, AA, or AAA - while ensuring minimal impact on the garment’s appearance. At this point we made the decision to create our own.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the intricacies of our innovative new armour and the meticulous development process behind it. Spada TetraHex™ motorcycle armour is full of technology – it’s made from a viscoelastic material taking advantage of Free-Flowing Close Cell Impact Dissipating Technology and is activated by body heat. But what does all this jargon really mean?

Innovation in Every Fibre

Spada TetraHex CE Level 2 Armour


The special polymer material we make TetraHex™ armour from was chosen because of its remarkable viscoelastic properties that allow it to absorb energy, dampen vibrations, and withstand deformation. It has the properties of a solid and a liquid all rolled into one. When you push or pull on it, it deforms like a soft substance, almost like clay or honey, but here’s the magic – it slowly returns to its initial shape without any cracks or damage. Now, why does this matter for motorcycle armour? Because it means our armour can absorb energy, dampen vibrations, and resist deformation – all crucial for protecting you on the road. Plus, it's flexible enough to ensure a comfortable fit without compromising on your safety.

Spada TetraHex Motorcycle Armour

Strength by Design

Ever heard of those big, solid concrete blocks sitting on coastlines, fending off waves? Well, those are called tetrapods. They're like giant puzzle pieces that lock together, standing strong against the relentless power of the sea. But what does this have to do with motorcycle armour? Tetrapods don't just sit there looking tough; they also let water flow through them, calming down the waves. We've taken cues from this smart design and built it into our armour, spreading forces from an impact in the same way tetrapods do with waves.

But there's more! We've also incorporated a honeycomb-like structure featuring tessellating hexagons and dodecagon. Hexagons are commonly found in nature for their efficient distribution of material and robust structural properties. Moreover, research has confirmed that honeycomb patterns offer superior impact resistance compared to other designs, perfect for motorcycle armour.


The Result?

A perfect synergy between these elements ensures that when an external force impacts TetraHex™ armour the air trapped inside the tetrapod structure significantly reduces the impact, the hexagonal structure absorbs even more energy, and then the remaining force is transmitted to our Viscoelastic material, which absorbs the force and provides maximum protection.

Finally - the Details

Our armour is vented to keep you cool when it gets warm. It's incredibly lightweight and thin while still maintaining level 2 protection – all thanks to our cutting-edge technology, which prioritises your safety without adding any extra weight.

And finally, all the branding is tucked away on the inside and the edges tapered, so you won't have to worry about it leaving marks on your gear over time.

Spada Motorcycle Armour: Technical Specifications

Back ProtectorElbow/KneeHipShoulder
Level 2: Conforming to standard EN 1621-2. Offering the highest available performance level.Level 2: Conforming to standard EN 1621-1. Offering the highest available performance level.Level 2: Conforming to standard EN 1621-1. Offering the highest available performance level.Level 2: Conforming to standard EN 1621-1. Offering the highest available performance level.
FB: Full back protection covering the central back and scapula area.T: Indicates low-temperature testing (-10°C).T: Indicates low-temperature testing (-10°C).T: Indicates low-temperature testing (-10°C).
18mm Thick: Providing substantial protection.Type B: Protectors of larger dimensions.Type B: Protectors of larger dimensions.Type B: Protectors of larger dimensions.
Weight: Ranging between 318g-466g depending on size.Weights: 105gWeights: 65gWeights: 82g