Spada's Evolution

We invited Bennetts Bike Social along to Spada HQ to spend some time with our Product Design Lead, James Kent. Watch them deep dive into the intricacies of our design process and the ethos driving Spada forward.

Watch the full video below!

For three decades, Spada has been synonymous with quality, affordable motorcycle gear in the UK. Now, with the visionary design direction of James Kent, formerly of Superdry and EngineHawk, we've undergone a remarkable transformation. Over the last 18 months, we've developed a new range of ride and wear gear. Drawing inspiration from James's insight, we've focused on innovative materials, resulting in gear that not only looks fantastic but also ensures rider safety and comfort.

James Kent himself remarked, "Outside influence has been instrumental in the development of the new range; we’ve really focused on fabric technology to bring all-day comfort into the products. We’ve also worked closely with manufacturers that specialize in armour to develop our own design that provides the flexibility and comfort the style of the kit requires, without compromising protection. The new range is by far our most ambitious yet."