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Spada Ronin CE Ladies Motorcycle Jeans Raw Indigo Short Leg

Spada Ronin CE Ladies Motorcycle Jeans Raw Indigo Short Leg

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Available Early May 2024

  • CE certified level AAA
  • Level 2 CE 4-piece protective armour, knee, and hip
  • Straight-leg, authentic raw unwashed indigo jeans
  • Denim enhanced with Cordura and elastane for added durability and flexibility
  • Front leg linings suspend the armour pockets and allow for multi-height positioning of knee armour without the need for hook and loop, while providing extra comfort and protection
  • Reinforced seat area enhances protection without compromising the classic aesthetic
  • Ergonomically angled back pockets and traditional tobacco thread highlights
  • Silver reflective bound seam for functional turn-ups
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Our designers’ philosophy is simple: “Jeans should not be messed with – period.” We stand by preserving the true essence of denim, adding protection without losing the authenticity of jeans. The AAA rated women's, straight-leg Ronin motorcycle jeans honor the timeless riding and fashion staple, seamlessly combining iconic style with elevated safety features.

CE Certified Level AAA With SPADA x KEEPTECH Level 2 CE 4-Piece Armour
Engineered to meet Level AAA safety standards with ventilated, Spada Level 2 CE 4-piece armour safeguarding your knees and hips.

Raw Indigo Authenticity
Raw indigo denim, crafted with minimal processing so it evolves over time, developing a personalised look that reflects your individual journey

Classic 5 Pocket Styling
5-pocket set-up, including the timeless back pocket and yoke profile with traditional tobacco thread highlights for a flattering, timeless look.

Durable Denim Upgrade
CorduraTM and elastane-infused denim for optimal durability and comfort.

Armour-Ready Comfort
The Ronin jeans are constructed with front leg linings that have multi-height armour pockets. This design allows for customisable knee armour placement without the need for awkward and bulky fastenings, ensuring improved comfort and optimal protection.

Reinforced Seat Integrity
Double-layered patch pockets enhance protection, adding strength without compromising the classic aesthetic.

Reflective Edge Finish
Stand out at night with a silver reflective out- seam for functional turn-ups, adding a subtle yet effective touch to your style.