About us

About us

Since the beginning, SPADA has always had a total commitment and consistent focus on designing and developing high-quality kit that looks good both on and off the bike, and increasingly, with the shifting use of motorcycles - especially in urban environments - this has been a key foundation of the brief for the internal SPADA design team and our expert manufacturing partners.

SPADA has always been known for its well-built products and has been recognised by many of the leading industry publications with awards, such as the ‘Ride Recommended’ reward for the Enforcer winter glove. The development and launch of the ‘everywear’ concept was the germination of this ideology back in 2015 - ‘everywear’ was a range and a concept that was inspired by contemporary and classic trends coupled with the latest safety standards and construction technologies - a blend of original intuition and meticulous design and production qualities to ensure the difference.

With the ‘everywear’ philosophy, the SPADA collection was expanded to cater to every style of rider - particularly those that wanted their motorcycle clothing to “not look like typical motorcycle clothing”, be more comfortable and easier to wear in everyday situations, whilst still providing the best levels of safety and protection.


The here and now…

We also understand that fashions and rider requirements change, and that is why our latest range for 2022 has a keen focus on technical specifications, CE-approved build quality, anda clean utilitarian design aesthetic - to cater to the shifting demands of the market. Whatever your riding need is, SPADA has a product that meets that need; and is designed, developed, and tested to the highest standards so that it always exceeds your expectations - and always with an affordable price point that means the rider that puts more fuel in the tank and more miles on the road. And never a brand to stand still, SPADA recently launched its own electric scooter to cater to the growing commuter and urban explorer market and will be, throughout 2022 launching its own high-quality Mountain Bike clothing range, designed and developed with current 4X British Champion, Scott Beaumont. This is a project that has been in development with our experienced internal design and development teams for the past two years.





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